Here at the Stark Ranch, our goal is to grow a registered red angus cowherd that can thrive and produce large calves off forage alone. This means that our cattle are rotated on stockpiled grass year-round and are never supplemented with feed or hay.  Our cattle are moderate in size but must wean off a high percentage of their body weight, while keeping plenty of flesh and maintaining desired eye appeal. We believe in providing an environment with adequate forage and then replicating the genetics that perform best in this environment.  We do not believe moderate cows should equal moderate weaning weights and we believe fleshing ability is not dependant on frame size.  A consistency in our herd is increased depth of body capacity as well as overall rib shape.  We believe that commercial cattleman can add genetics that moderate cow size and increase fleshing ability without decreasing weaning weights or muscle thickness.  Also, our calves have the ability to be finished on grass or grade well in the feedlot. We believe that in our cows, quality must meet efficiency.

Our goals are also to improve the land that we operate on. We use the cattle to improve soil health and help enhance the tall grass prairie that we are blessed to graze in North Texas. We take pride in seeing the wildlife species such as quail, dove, turkey, and deer thrive in an ecosystem that is enhanced by the way we rotate cattle throughout the growing season.

Thank you to everyone that made time to attend the Summer Grazing Workshop hosted on the ranch in partnership with the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.